Finding Purpose In Your Work – Savvy Blogging Conference Keynote

BNPb5wJCEAAIul5In June I spoke at the Savvy Blogging Conference in Cincinnati. I was given the opening keynote session and told that I could pick the topic. I had no idea what to expect but the entire process was a true blessing and a really great opportunity. I had the chance to organize some of my own thoughts and convictions as well as meet a much more like-minded group of folks than I expected. In this post I am including 3 things:

  1. My original notes that I wrote for this talk. I have included pictures from my journal as well as a typed out version.
  2. The audio of the presentation itself. You can see how 3 pocket pages of notes translated into an hour long presentation that you can stream or download.
  3. A PDF of the slide deck that I used so you can view or download.


I’ve lived off of $10/day and been a millionaire and been equally happy with both. I’ve also seen people equally discontent in both. What we need is unique content. How do you do this? You give them YOU! Because YOU are truly unique. The only way to get that, is to find out what you are created to do. The good news is that you can be doing that thing today. Congratulations! You’ve arrived! It doesn’t get any better than this. When children are in diapers we can’t wait for them to get out. We go into “survival” mode. “Survival” mode is B.S. Diapers can be hell, teenagers can be hell, driving kids to soccer can be hell. OR you can realize that being in community and partnering in creating and communing with human life is the greatest pleasure we could have. Millionaires are lonely. Money doesn’t buy friends. It buys confusion and complication.

Sooooo…step back from the distractions and the medication and be honest. Fantasize the whole way. See what you’re doing and where it will lead. It’s not about seo, traffic, conversion, money, fame, content, retirement (doesn’t solve loneliness), business, etc. What is it about? Well, it’s a spiritual question or philosophical. It’s unavoidable and it’s important. And it’s the only way to do truly great work. So take a break. We took a break from education for our children because we stopped asking the question: “How can we insure that our kids are not below average?” and started asking the question: “How can we insure that we insure that nothing prevents our children from fulfilling their unique calling and delivering their creative genius to the world.” And for this, the enemy is NOT lack of education, or reading 2 years later, or not getting into college, OR not having enough money. The enemy is busyness, distraction, and “good” goals that are lessor.

NEWSFLASH: In America the fight for survival is over (unless you’re stocking gold and ammo). We’re not starving. That means that all of our effort is not actually necessary or even out of love. It’s for status. And that status us normality. Let’s compare the risks and decide for ourselves what the worst thing that can happen is.

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PDF: Click to download the notes