1000 Decisions


The number of decisions you make a day has a direct correlation to the quality of decisions you are able to make. Quality is the right decision about the right topics. Every time I hop on Facebook or my iPhone I am bombarded with literally 1000’s of options. Click this link, watch this video, the weather in Mumbai. It’s all there. I’ve realized that by the time I’ve said “no” 1000 times, the end of the day has arrived, and I’ve made 1000 decisions that have worn me out so a sense of accomplishment seeps in. But these 1000 decisions were not as important as the one decision that actually could have changed my life. In fact, not one of these 1000 decisions existed 15 years ago. To my benefit I have realized that there are a few decisions that protect me from the 1000. Eliminating apps from my phone. No longer checking that tech blog that seemed to important. In fact, I now pay to have a magazine delivered to my house that I can get online for free because I’ve decided it’s a small price to pay to have more energy for the decisions that matter.

To read more here’s an article I wrote about Social Media – Replacing Quality with Quantity

IMAGE:  This magazine is made of actual paper and a real life human drops it off at my front door once a month.