Why we moved to Kentucky…

This is a newsletter we wrote for our friends, family, and neighbors… 






5 thoughts

  1. This is so bitter sweet to read. We truly love you all! I know that where ever you guys live you’ll be such a blessing to your community. Let us know whenever you guys come to Seattle please so we can see you all!

    much much love,

  2. Thanks for the update but you will be truly missed around here. Your newsletter was really good! Is the community garden still a go? When is # 6 arriving? I see less cars in the driveway today. Good wishes to all of you in your new adventure. Please keep us posted on pictures of all of you. I want to see how everyone is growning up. Guess I will keep the mint going for more Mojito’s when you come to visit. Take care!

  3. Well I’m glad that you “moved” to Kentucky for between 2 and 20 years…that way I got to meet you, and get to feel good about knowing that I’ll get to see you (and your beautiful family) a couple more times!

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