Entrepreneurial Crash Course: 6 resources to help you think like an entrepreneur

Over the last 5 years I’ve had many conversations with aspiring entrepreneurs and people looking to break out of the 9 to 5. Here is a list of resources that seem to come up again and again that I think are worth sharing. (All of the titles link to the resource)

1. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book – by Robert Kiyosaki 

If you can get past the cheezy title and simplistic writing style this book is a good primer to break out of the “think like an employee” mindset. His most valuable concept is in defining “wealth” and explaining how to achieve it in the broadest terms. Wealthy people keep their income higher than their expenses and use the excess to accumulate assets. “Poor” people have increased expenses and accumulate liabilities feeling like it is outside of their control.

Time: 3 hours

Value: 8/10

2. “10 Reasons you should never get a job” – Blog post by Steve Pavlina

Once again, you’ll have to get past the cocky tone and get rich quick feel of the website this is one of the most concise breakdowns of the biggest problems and most common mindsets of people who struggle with understanding entrepreneurship. The biggest problem is that, in my experience, this article does not do the best job of education or winning over people who have not made the transition.
Time: 15 minutes
Value: 8/10

3. Passion in Business (my title) YouTube Video – by Gary V 

To a certain degree we’re all caught in the rat race. It can be confusing trying to figure out how to get off the hamster wheel or why we should work. Stop JUST paying the bills! This video is more inspirational and not very educational. Contains swearing.
Time: 15 minutes
Value: 7/10

4.8 Alternatives to College” Blog Post – by James Altucher

I think it was Mark Twain who said “Never let school get in the way of your education.” A lot of entrepreneurial voices may come across as being down and school and maybe they are but, although, answers may vary I think they are asking an important question: What is the best way to learn something? I recently heard of a friends wife going to college for fashion. She wanted to design clothes. When I asked him what kind of stuff she had been making 2 years into school she said he had never touched a sewing machine. The formality of education often comes at a cost to it’s efficiency. In this article the coin is flipped over and emphasis is placed on what can be learned in valuable time that is usually deferred to school.
Time: 8 minutes
Value: 8/10

5. “The surprising truth about what motivates us” YouTube Video – by RSA Animate

One of the biggest factors in dealing with business is knowing how to deal with people. But it’s not just knowing manners and how to make friends. It’s knowing how to motivate and push people to the best of their ability. This video deals with some very nuanced complexities and has a lot of practical application to many areas of life. I have found it comes up in many conversations of trying to determine value and deal with any type of pay structure.
Time: 11 minutes
Value: 7/10

6. “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action” TED talk YouTube video – by Simon Sinek

This video helped me make sense of 2 of my favorite brand names: Apple and Patagonia. It’s really inspirational and speaks to the value of understanding and communicating a core vision. It’s amazing with complex and dynamic business landscape how the most important things haven’t changed.
Time: 18 minutes
Value: 10/10

What are some things that you have found valuable?


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