Why I don’t click “Like”

While using facebook I’m fascinated by what keeps me from pressing “like”. Here are some common reasons:

  • I’m perceived as a stalker.
  • They don’t “like”  my stuff
  • “lik(ing)” it looks silly
  • I wish I didn’t like it.
Every time I push that button or make a comment I’m taking a risk that some of the above may happen.  This is no different from how I operate in the rest of my life. In my interactions with people there are times when I don’t express love. Here are some reasons why:
  • I’ll be perceived as to soft or overly interested.
  • I do not feel any love back.
  • I have been hurt and don’t feel any love to give.
  • It will look silly.
Jesus said: “Love one another. As I have loved you”. If I believe that Jesus pours on me a love that is un-restrained and un-conditional it means that the risk of loving others is taken away. It means I have freedom to not give my wife the cold shoulder when she hurts me. It means  I have freedom to click “Like” on facebook.

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