Family Teams Discussion

For the last 3 years the biggest area of change in philosophy and action has been in regards to how Kami and I see family. This is a training discussion that we lead in our home with about 20 people sharing our story and the things that have had the biggest impact on us. In short, we discuss the difference between holding a more American or individualistic viewpoint of family vs a more historical or international viewpoint of family as a multi-generational team.

You may be interested if:

  • You struggle with having enough time for work/family
  • You or your kids struggle with sibling rivalry.
  • As a working man you derive more satisfaction from accomplishments at work than family
  • You have no idea why people would have kids.
  • You feel bad sticking your parents in a nursing home someday but not as bad as having them stay at your house.
  • You’re looking for an excuse to be self-employed.


Also if you want to see the slide deck from the Keynote Presentation to follow along visually you can VIEW the PDF HERE


2 thoughts

  1. I had to leave early so thanks for getting the audio out. The contrast between the hypothetical Jewish 12 year old boy and the 12 year American is really striking. The long-term vision vs. short-sightedness really stood out. Good job on the talk Ben.

  2. Ben, this is great!

    This is very helpful to me as my family is new and developing.

    Would love to discuss the idea of the family being part of a larger family (ie. the Covenant Community of God’s people), and how this shapes and determines the goals of the family. I have learned a lot about this in Seminary the past year.


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