Speaking to 5th Graders about Casinos and Gambling

Many of you have heard this story, but about 2 weeks ago I went into my old 5th grade teachers (who I found on facebook) classroom and talked to her kids about casinos, gambling, and card counting.DSCN1808 I actually put quite a bit of work into preparing for the little presentation and decided to record a little voice over of the keynote multimedia presentation that I used. I only included about 75% of it. The original presentation was an hour long and there were a lot of questions. DSCN1809It’s amazing how smart the kids were and the whole thing was pretty interactive. So for those that want to learn about the math behind the machine, look no further…. Here is the boiled down version and will only kill about 20 minutes.

One of the other reasons why I made this video was just to get some practice with screen capturing software. It’s tricky stuff. If I don’t make eye contact, don’t take it personally. I kept on forgetting that I was supposed to be staring at the little 1/32″ dark circle that represents the gateway into each of your web surfing souls on the top of my laptop. I’ll get better at it. I promise.

Since writing this post and making these videos Mrs Draper called me and told me that the kids had turned in assignments that highlight what they learned. Here are some snippets. From what I can gather, they were instructed to create a conversation between two people.


Hannah understands the nature of gambling more than most adults I know.


I love the “LOL! :P” at the end.


I hate to butt into this fine conversation boys and girls but technically Ben never said that you get “cheated” if you “roulette” and he never used “roulette” as a verb.


Yeah? Well you try speaking to a group of 5th graders about gambling from the perspective of a professional card counter while trying to stay out of trouble from parents AND make it exciting!

I wasn’t going to post it, but this is the picture that I put on the tail in the conversation for the kids on the powerpoint. Almost all of them reference it on their assignment. Most of them went nuts when they saw it and for most of them, I think it’s the only thing that they remember. They are vaious disguises I have used in casinos in recent years. Picture 1And no Lauren, the beard is NOT fake.


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