Crawford Christmas Card

The Crawford Christmas Card is available for viewing at our family’s website: We now have wordpress software operating on that site which means it’s a lot easier to use for updates. This is the main place that we are going to use to update general family news in the future.





Here are some details about the card that some people have asked about:

  • Yes, it was mailed on 3/9/09. We shot the picture in December but I didn’t receive the finished copy until March and then it took 10 days to print and design the back image.
  • We had 250 postcards printed for about $65 bucks. We mailed about 150 out. That means we’re sitting on a surplus of about 100 of them. You want one?
  • The picture was shot by Jonathan Willis who claims that the camera he used was worth $30,000!! It was a rental that he was using for some deluxe corporate shoot. We have had all of our family portraits taken by him and at this point would not use anyone else.  He is a family friend of ours and lives in KY.
  • The picture was taken on a basement of a property that is owned by our friend Eric. Behind the post there were a washer and dryer that we had to move for the picture. The rope was taken from Mark’s neighbors tree.
  • Seven’s costume is a Robin costume that we paid $30 for and we had to pay 10 bucks for fog juice for the fog machine. Those were are only expenses.
  • I am wearing my mother-in-law’s jacket. I think it might be her favorite one.
  • The fire is real
  • It is water that is on the ground but most of it is photoshopped I think. The other two elements that are photoshopped are my face and the lighting.
  • The back of the card took me 4+ hours to design because I am a photoshop idiot. I imagine it would take someone who knew what they were doing about 20 minutes.
  • I am the most proud about the modification I made to Mount Rainier. I had to increase it’s size by about 400% to make it looks as comic booky as I wanted it to.
  • I’m still not really sure if I like this one better than 2 years go. Some people say I do but that one was so simple and natural looking. hmmmmmm….004ben-and-kami-final

6 thoughts

  1. yeah, i’m kind of weird like that. most people who know me don’t realize that i have this weird artistic/creative streak in me. anyways i get compulsive about details that revolve around creating and communicating the art. this was one of those projects.

  2. I think your card is amazing and truly creative(a talented and photogenic family). But, I would not call it a Christmas card-possibly a family card?? I don’t see much in it about Christ or Christmas. What do you say?

  3. jlp, in terms of “Christmas Card” we do use the term “christmas” pretty liberally. I would say that this is my working definition of such a card

    def- a general update of a family or group which sometimes includes a picture that is sent on or around the christmastime.

    of course we didn’t do a very good job of operating off of our own definition either considering the timing. =)

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