The “New” Facebook

logo_facebookFacebook allows you to do in 10 seconds what used to take 10 years or even do things that were impossible. Yesterday, I reconnected with my 5th grade teacher. As a result I am going to be speaking to her class of 5th graders about being a professional card counter, statistics, why gambling is dumb, and how casinos will not make you rich. Who would have thought? I’m pretty excited about it. Thanks, facebook.

I’m not quite sure what I think about the accessibility of the *new* facebook, but I do like the new features that allow  you to chose who is visible on your feed.picture-12 More exciting than that, others can chose if I am on their feed. What will this mean? For me, it changes all of my parameters for posting updates and other things I enjoy sharing. Here is a guide to how I use facebook and what has changed.

  1. I allow everyone to be my friend and I will ask almost anyone that I know, have known, have heard of, or want to know. For me, facebook is a networking tool. I have reconnected with old friends over coffee, met new friends to collaborate about discipleship or business. The more friends I have, the more connections of this nature are possible.
  2. With the old facebook I could not create status updates. picture-5 Why/how could I subject 500+ people from 4 generations, 20+ countries, and hundreds of subcultures with two sentences of my thoughts and expect it to be relevant. It just wasn’t possible. I have racquetball buddies that I see three days a week, my library assistant crush from 1st grade, my employees, and my mother-in-law all on this same list of recipients for these updates.
  3. With the new facebook, I can create updates that will allow people to hear about my thoughts and life if they want to. picture-6In my mind, this does two things. The first is that it allows my to make more updates. The jury is still out as to the exact value of facebook updates, but it seems to me like they can be a benefit as a communication tool create context and make announcements.  I will do this knowing that people who don’t find my updates relevant will merely delete them from their feed. picture-4(Really, go ahead, do it, no hard feelings, chances are I’ve probably already deleted yours.)picture-2 The second thing that this does, is it gives me the ability to add more “friends” that I would like to network with because I am now free from the barrage of baggage that goes along with being someone’s friend. If I want to just message once or meet for coffee, I can, knowing that I’m not making a commitment to following your every move for the rest of my life.

So, there you have it. More updates from me, more updates from you! If mine don’t increase your quality of life please cut me loose and I promise to do the same. As if this post isn’t long and entertaining enough…

How do you use facebook?


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