Christian the Lion

My friend Nate told me about this Video and it blew me away. At first I thought that the music was lame but I think it just stands to contrast how amazing of a story it is. I love the part when the lion is approaching them from the wild and you don’t know if it’s going to bite their heads off ………..or lick them. I mentioned this video in tonight at our Gathering after we sang “In the Secret.” There’s those lines: “I want to know you more”, “I want to touch you.” It reminded me of the moment when the lion is approaching him in the wild. About 95% of me screams “RUN FOR YOU F***ING LIFE YOU IDIOT!” and a very small % of me is thinking about sticking it out. Most the time I would much rather run from God because it feels like he’s going to completely unravel me.  Of course upon seeing the outcome I think “Oh yeah, hug the lion” or, of course, I want to “see his face.”

I think this video does a better job of portraying Aslan than anything that Walden Media has come up with. Maybe they should consider using Chrisitan the Lion instead of those$100’s of millions of dollars worth of CG crews. I’ll bet he’d be cheaper.


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