Technology Curriculum For Parents – Beta (Download for Feedback)

dscn1315My general belief is that teaching our children about technology is one of the most important tools that we can give them. This year we have been homeschooling our kids and this is a rough draft cirriculum that I created for them. I am posting it here for 2 reasons:

  1. Feel free to download it and use any part in full or part for any reason. (You can adapt it however you want, Keep in mind that it was designed for 1st and 2nd grade kids)
  2. I want feedback. Anything else you think should be on the list? Leave it as a comment and I will upload it directly to the link.
  3. (I know I only said there were 2 but if any of you can think of a way I can get rich off of this let me know)

Click here to View it

Based upon the feedback I will be making changes and hopefully posting a final version for anyone who wants to use it.


7 thoughts

  1. It may not specifically apply to technology, but the single most important concept in which to train children is the ability to observe and analyze patterns. Pattern recognition is key to all other facets of learning, and will prove to be their greatest educational asset. Don’t argue . . . it’s true.

  2. Nice work. The only thing I would mention is that Wikipedia is a source that anyone can make changes to…keep that in mind when relying on it for accurate info. Otherwise, I think you’ve got a pretty extensive list.

  3. That picture is so cute. I’ll look at the curriculum.

    Speaking of doing your kids a service, I think they’ll figure that technology stuff out by themselves well enough and I don’t really need to teach them. But maybe I’ll change my mind after I read your curriculum?

  4. I love it, and think it is a great idea. I think it is awesome home intentional you are in purposefully designing a curriculum around what you think is best for them.
    The Matrix for computer curriculum is great. Once you kids have been exposed to the basics of computers, I think the next step is creating curriculum around their specific gifts and talents. That is one of the great pluses for homeschooling you can foster your kids gifts. If your child is creative showing them how they can use their creativity with computers, if they are social teaching them about networking on the computer, and so on. I believe in doing so you will make computers exciting and something they want to learn, giving them the “why” behind the activity.
    We are going to home school our kids (for at least the first couple years) and the basics of what you have laid out is most definitely something I will keep in mind. I most definitely agree that teaching our kids technology is a valuable tool and will be even more so in the future

  5. I think it’s a great start. I wonder how to market it. Maybe we could create an impressive presentation for it and market it at one of those homeschool expos.

  6. Rhett – I’ve noticed a pattern with YOU

    Anne – Yeah, I know. The problem is that I rely on wikipedia but it would be an interesting lesson making sure that kids understand where their “knowledge” is originating from and how that has changed over time. I remember an onion article that was titled “Should non-winners be allowed to write history?”

    Stephanie – I think you’re right about kids learning this stuff eventually. To me it’s an issue of acceleration though. I learned about how a mortgage worked eventually but I wish I had heard of one in high school or even earlier. Speaking of…my next little curriculum for my kids is going to be a money/financial thing.

    Emilie – That’s awesome. Yeah, freedom has been the biggest reason that we decided to home school. Have you used this Matrix thing? Is it any good?

  7. Once they master this curriculum they will either:
    A. Be better equipt to help in the plan of cyberdyne systems.
    B. Be a tool in the Matrix.
    C. Design War Games software.

    The answer is to avoid all possible technological integration by becoming Amish. Don’t argue . . . it’s true.

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