25 Random Things about me

This is from some facebook junkmail forward thing and I decided to live a little and fill one out. It’s probably the last one that I’ll ever do. picture-1

1. I have never filled out one of these forward things and to date have prided myself in doing so

2. I have been skydiving and thought it was boring.

3. My life seems perfectly normal while I’m living it but when I step back and consider that I have 4 kids before the age of 27 and am considering a 5th it seems like I live in some comedy that I would never consider renting at blockbuster.

4. I have a container of my and the kids fingernails that I’ve been accumulating for the last 2 years. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.

5. I floss 3 times a day and have the worse teeth of anyone that I know.

6. If we were living in medieval or caveman times I would be dead. I have had cavities in every tooth, had surgery for a disabling hernia, have had laser correction surgery done twice because I am legally blind, have had surgery on both of my shoulders because they would dislocate (at times) almost every day all before the age of 25. My only shot would be to become some sort of powerful manipulative leader. I guess I would have been ok.

7. I spent almost 5 years obsessing about climbing Everest but I think I’m 99% over it now.

8. My favorite book growing up was “Where the Red Fern Grows”. I read it 4 times and cried twice.

9. On year, I think it was 3rd or 4th grade I read 100 (100+page) books.

10. I’ve made more than 10 attempts to climb Mount Rainier (14,411′). I have made it to the top twice. 3 times I have made it within 1500′ from the top and 3 times I have not made it 1500′ from the parking lot. On a clear day during the winter I will drive completely out of my way just to get a view.

11. This last year I spent a couple of days regretting not going to school to get a degree. In hindsight, I wouldn’t have got the degree I cared about anyways. I looked into “buying” a degree online but decided it would be un-ethical.

12. I bet someone $6,000 once that I could beat them at racquetball left handed. They changed the bet amount at the last minute. I would have killed him.

13. I’ve cried at the end ot Ratatouille………twice.

14. I got my first tattoo the day I turned 18.

15. I don’t like beer or coffee. I tried coffee for 3 months this year and gave up on it (at least caffeinated)

16. My goal is to give* each of my kids $!,000,000 by the time that they turn 18 so they never have to work for money.

17. *My goal between now and when my kids turn 18 is to train them in what it means to be a wise and responsible steward of the resources God gives us. This includes business sense as well as an purpose of what money is and what it is for.

18. I’ve biked down to San Fransisco from Seattle twice but the second time I stopped about 80 miles from the city. 2 years into our marriage Kami and I tried to bike across the country but 500 miles from the Atlantic we got hit by a car. Besides that I never ride a bike and don’t even like biking.

19. Right now I respond worse to microsoft products, pc’s, and windows than I do to abortion. Don’t judge me, It’s just where I’m at.

20. At one time I owned more than 400 books and had read less than 10% of them. I just liked having them on my shelf. I threw them all away.

21. At one time I burned all my secular cd’s. I don’t regret burning them but I wish I would have ripped them first.

22. There is a documentary being made about me and the business I run right now.

23. 90% of my financial goals are in the 10+ year spectrum. 8% is in the 5+ year range and 1% is thinking about this month and this year. I’m not sure where the other 1% goes.

24. I listen to Wilson Phillips and Michael Jackson

25. This last year our family decided to make our main purpose discipleship. It has probably been the most significant change our family has made.


3 thoughts

  1. Crap – I never knew you were such a medical case (#6).

    I would like to dialogue sometime about #16 and #17. I have a similar ideal but depending on what you mean by “not work again,” perhaps a different slant there.

  2. Jason – I’m not sure where you pulled the “not work again” quote from. I did say not “work for money.” This one sparked a little controversy and I wanted to explain myself a tad. I don’t mean that I don’t want my kids to work. I am more talking about them having the freedom to work for a much greater purpose. A lot of people I have talked to think that money is either the only or greatest motivation for work. I disagree and to the degree that I can prevent my kids having to be motivated by it in a practical way, I will.

  3. Do you have a blog post that explains how you reconcile your faith with your gambling? The documentary didn’t really do a good job of digging into that. Just curious.

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