Life Update

Here are some things that have been bouncing around in my head…

  • I’m getting sick of 12 steps. The initial excitement of the discovery process is wearing off. Am I going to stick with it? Stay tuned…
  • Christmas Card is on it’s way people. relax a little. I think it will be a Christmas/Valentines card to save money.
  • I’ve been listening to Steven Covey’s “The 7 highly effective habits of successful families.” He refers to the concept of making emotional deposits  into people’s emotional bank accounts. These things build equity that work against withdraws you make when you say something hard or “negative.” Because I don’t fundamentally agree with these principles I have completely ignored this practice.  I have decided that I no longer disagree with this and am going to attempt to make more “deposits.”
  • This also hit me pretty hard (paraphrased): The truest test of a family’s culture is how you treat the child who tests you the very most.   The key to the many is how you treat the one.  It’s not that you neglect the 99 to go after the one, it’s that you show you love the other 99 by going after the one. Cause deep down we are all that one.
  • I also got sick of having long hair. photo-4photo-5So 20 minutes in a shower with a hand mirror produced this: photo-7photo-8They say that the only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is 2 weeks. In my case I think that difference should be 2 months.
  • I’ve been rethinking blog/facebook/life strategies specifically in regards to the reputation of Christian leaders. I will write a post about this if I have time and am still motivated.
  • It seems to me that the blog network facebook app is completely worthless, does anyone disagree?
  • I have decided that I will never get full sleeve tattoos.
  • I am excited to go out on a date with Kami tonight. We’ve been so busy with traveling and out of town guests for a month or two now. Yesterday I went out on a date with Eden. In the forward of the above mentioned book the author reminded me that the investment that we put into our families is the single most valubale contribution that we leave behind. I agree with this cognitively but I would say that my actions reflect this very little. Holy Crap, I hope I don’t end up writing some song like Harry Chapin.

4 thoughts

  1. hey ben, the 12 step program for me at first was pretty helpful (i hadn’t at the time accepted jesus as the way), so it for me was a building point for me to accept the quote unquote Higher Power, for me though deep down i knew it couldn’t just be this big unknown being…so when i came to that step, is when i like a child ‘asked jesus into my heart’ i’d heard that once when i was 7, bogus then, not so much now :). Anyway i grew up going to aa meetings as a kid and saw pretty much that you can be whoever you want to be, you can say the same story over and over as long as you’re “clean” then you’re repected and accepted, something seemed off to me about that, probably more so because i lived w/a veteran who was revered by his peers for having 15 + years of sobriety, however everyday behind closed doors…he was a monster. (off topic-sorry bout that), but i haven’t really talked to too many people who are ‘christian’s’ who know much about aa, or the 12 step programs so i’m interested in your perspective.

    anyway, hope you & Kami have a nice date, daniel & i actually get to go on one ourselves so excited & much needed. looking forward to meeting you soon!


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