I’m a Mess, You’re a Mess

I’m facilitating a 3 week course at the Northern Kentucky Discipleship training Center while we are out in KY for the next three weeks.  This is the description that was emailed out.


A look into the impact and current state of The Fall in our lives.

  • Do you ever categorize people as “bad” and “really bad”?
  • Do you find yourself eating, shopping, gossiping, lusting, smoking, drinking, gambling, lying, controlling, stealing, hiding, reading, TV watching, Internet surfing, etc. more than you think you “should”?
  • OR are you frustrated by people who are?
  • Are you sick of “trying harder”?

If so this class is for you.
Understanding the Fall is the ultimate gateway to believing the  Gospel.  This will be a three-week course (meets on two evenings with a “homework” assignment for the in-between week) designed to understand and deepen our belief in the Fall. The facilitator, Ben Crawford,  will be sharing his story on how he has come to understand the Fall in a very real way in his own life in the last 6 months. He will be guiding a small group discussion and some very personal training designed to understand our own depravity and the desperateness for Jesus that will result.


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