Advent Conspiracy Video

My buddy Jon from Portland made this video and I think it’s awesome for the following reasons:

  • It challenges the generally unchallenged ideas of how to celebrate our most popular holiday
  • It poses some solutions
  • The presentation is awesome. Artistically and creatively it’s pretty incredible.

I know what some of you will think. “Oh Ben, you are such a grinch! (or scrooge or BOTH)” Read your mind, didn’t I! Well, here’s the deal. One of the things I have realized is that the standard way of celebrating the Christmas holiday doesn’t really support the values that we have as a family. If it doesn’t do that why should we maintain these traditions. SO, if it does support values that you and your family or friends have then more power to you. If not, bail on that shizzle!


6 thoughts

  1. I too, saw this on another friend’s blog and went to their website. It has given me a lot to think about as far as how we celebrate Christmas, etc.

    But you just hinted at how you guys are bailing – inquiring minds want to know more – ok at least one inquiring mind. What changes will your family make?

    I’d also love to hear more about your family values sometime – either from you or Kami. You’ve made reference to different terms like values, rhythms, etc. What do those things mean and how did you go about shaping them?

  2. Heather, For the sake of concision (is that a word), I’ll address your middle paragraph.
    This xmas season is going to be unique for the Crawfords as it is. We are going to be going to Kentucky for 3 weeks for the purpose of communicating the story of the Kirkland discipleship training center as well as connecting with where discipleship and kingdom growth has been happening in the Body out there. This year, specifically, we decided that gifts, and all of the fevered activities that surround them, would be distracting to the goals that our family wants to accomplish while we are out there. These are not goals that we begrudge but they are goals and people that we enjoy and look forward too. So, for this xmas, we’re going to emphasize the time spent as a family traveling to a place that God has called us…at the expense of gifts.

    In some ways, this is a cop-out though, because we haven’t done much along the lines with gifts for the last 5 years and I don’t see that decreasing.

    It comes down to this. Our family has goals. Most of the activities that surround xmas (mad shopping, traffic, rushing, and overall business) work against our goals. It’s not even that we’re against presents. Now I’m rambling…we can talk more in person.

  3. I would love to talk more about this with you and Kami. Setting family goals and values is something that Chris and I haven’t intentionally done. I would like to however live more proactively, rather than reactively and setting goals seems to be a good step.

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