Bad Parenting

First reactions? HONESTLY!

UPDATE: Here is the same video with a funnier soundtrack for you StreetFighter 2 fans.


9 thoughts

  1. My first reaction is to feel bad for that poor little girl. As for bad parenting goes I will have to say I know how quick toddlers can be so I wouldn’t call her a bad parent. However, I don’t know what she was doing when her little girl ran out there so I guess it would depend on that. Since I don’t know… no judgement here.

  2. Amber, Yeah don’t take the title to seriously. It was 99% a joke. One time we were up at camp down by the lake front and all of a sudden everyone was screaming and pointing to the top of the slide. Seven (my 2 year old boy) had climbed up there in 2.5 seconds and was standing up there ready to cruise down. It would have been pretty spectacular but not as spectacular as getting flip kicked by a break dancer, resulting in your own 360 degree rotation.

  3. 1) almost cry in utter horror.
    2)almost punch each of the 3 meanies in the same room as me that were laughing uproariously. (Ben, Jeff and Dusty… who let you guys have kids?!?)

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