Surfwise – Movie review

We watched this documentary the other day. Pretty interesting look into a mobile, surfing, family of 11. It was really thought provoking and challenged many ideas on:

  • Education (philosophy and method)
  • Diet
  • Family
  • Parenting
  • Sex
  • Restoration of family relationships (reconciliation between parents and between siblings)
  • Money

Just a warning: This is not a model family who is going to come out and say “have you thought about educating your family this way?” Many of their ideas are way wacky and should not be modeled after (in my opinion) but what I like about the family is that I think their motive, and in some ways their method, is not possible to just fully write off either. Their example definitely challenges the status quo and got me thinking about the values that we have.

FINAL WARNING: Do not watch this if you are easily offended by language or sexual references. The “F Bomb” is used quite frequently, but usually in context (meaning with the “ing” suffix) if that makes you feel any better. So, save everyone the trouble of you getting offended and just watch the preview again.

Anyone else seen this? Any new thoughts?


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