Meet Abigail

The other day I asked my wife what would make my blog more “interesting” to a broader demographic. By broader demographic I think she meant people that are not currently processing the nature of business partnerships and getting tattoos while debating the ethics of blackjack and investing ventures all while planning their next Rainier expedition.

She said make some entries that are “short and simple”

Well here it is.

Today I went to a “bookstore.”

I saw this toy and felt it necessary to take this picture.

That’s all.


6 thoughts

  1. That’s what it says. As if the red electric guitar in her left didn’t give it away.

    Is 2.5 high or low on the bc scale?

    Around the time I got my fish tattoo i also used to sell “christian” t-shirts….(for humans, not dolls). I’m pretty sure whatever my regretability rating for my fish tattoo was my association with the christian t-shirt market is equally as high.

  2. Hmmm…Keri, let’s take a look at this one

    The product had this to say about the Abigail doll:
    Abigail’s name means “God of Joy”. God’s Girlz are modest, yet fashionable, and packed with meaningful content designed to encourage thoughtful play.

    Can you say this about your HannahsecularMontana doll?

    I would also challenge you with this point:
    While the Hannah Montana doll rings in at a hefty $24.99 Abigail rings in at a very affordable $12.99

    Do your research and decide for yourself. I think the data speaks or itself.

  3. Well…. I think this “Abigail” doll comes with an outfit that has issues. The “Pick Jesus” printed on a pic across her chest may encourage thoughtful play but not for the targeted market.

    While it is half the price of the Hannah Montana doll, the fashion theme on the Abigail is lacking. The Hannah Montana doll has lots of sparkle, sings and comes with more accessories than the Abigail doll and has added features like a “light up” guitar. If the “Gods Girlz” dolls want to compete with Hannah Montana then I think they need to work a little harder.

    And by the way, Hannah Montana loves Jesus too.

  4. My scale goes from 1 (being the lowest) – 10 (highest)

    So, 2.5 is relatively low. I rank it low simply due to pure comedic value. If I didn’t find it funny, it would have been much higher, and therefore much more regretable.

    As for the Hannah Montana discussion, all I have to say is that Gods Girlz would never be caught doing ‘questionable’ pictures nekid at 15 years old. Is that really the roll model you want for your children? Abigail’s lack of sparkle, singing and light up guitar may put her low against HM, but let’s not forget that she Picked Jesus…

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