I love the devil…do you?

I hope one of two things:

  1. Doing/being any of these things does not guarantee that you “ the devil” and/or
  2. Maybe this guys definitions of the things listed are not as precise and/or general as the exact definitions that I might use
It’s time to come clean…which of these are YOU!?!?!
I wish you the best of luck as you assess yourself based upon the conclusiveness and inclusiveness of this list. 

14 thoughts

  1. 1) Druggie (caffiene and tobacco are totally drugs)
    2)Environmentalist (however, the placement of the apostrophe makes that mean that all possessions of an environmentalist heart the devil… but I’m willing to go for what he meant, not what he posted on his sign)
    3)Abortionist (although I am not an actual person that performs abortions (which is what the sign actually says) and I do believe that abortions are “wrong” in almost every circumstance, I would never vote to make (or keep) them illegal. It would be a very rare circumstance that I would vote to make something illegal. Card-carrying libertarian)
    4)racist (yea, it was ingrained in me from a very very very young age… we’re working on it)
    5)I’m so emo my black cat smokes cloves.
    6)Loud mouth women (yea, I actually do fit into this one. Definitely not proud of it)
    7)Liars (I probably lie all the time…)
    8) Freeloaders (I’m pretty sure “gouvernment recipients” is a lot like this one, but I’m just a freeloader off of my good friends the Crawfords. I would never seek to get anything from the government. I’m trying pretty hard to get them to stop taking things from me too)
    9) Liberals (LIBERTARIAN)

    ps- once I saw a group of guys wearing shirts that made the letters of some verse in Romans about Homosexuality line up to spell AIDS. I can’t tell if I’m more disgusted by them or this sign.

  2. That’s an incredible list. P.Ks??? Does that mean preacher’s kids like it always did in MY family?

    Also, I’m pretty surprised to see “Racist” included on a list like that, I’d more expect to see “Niggers”.

  3. Hmmm…

    If you include prescription drugs and caffeine, use feminist to include anybody who doesn’t think a woman’s “place” is barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, and also drunkards to include anyone who occasionally imbibes in excess…

    Then I am a:

    Liberal feminist emo (former)Mormon agnostic gambling perverted drunken environmentalist druggie democrat

    What an informative sign. Evidently I (heart) the devil immensely.

    Also, nice spelling and punctuation… they must have at least a third grade education…

  4. Also, I’m pretty surprised to see “Racist” included on a list like that, I’d more expect to see “Niggers”.

    Isaac, That’s quite possibly the funniest thing that has ever been posted on this blog.

    Stephanie I would broaden your description to be Homoagnosticloudmouthwoman’s

    Will, I am not positive but my guess is that this guy’s definition of “drunkard’s” would include but not be limited to: one who consumes or has a property or friend that consume’s or contain’s a beverage that is alcoholic (or possibly non) in nature, appearance, or impact or any beverage that is purchased or consumed on Sunday.

  5. Wow, let’s see:
    1. Homo sapien, check
    2. Druggie- I was doing a low dose aspirin ritual for a while, check
    3. Gangster- I think I’m more involved in a Cult these days, but that’s just semantics. check
    4. Feminist- Sure, I’m all about equal rights, that’s what my wife tells me anyways. check
    5. Drunkard- I love me some good Vodka! check
    6. Catholic- You are always a ‘Recovering Catholic’, I could slip up at any moment and find myself in a confessional sliding Rosary beads through my fingers.
    7. Wifebeater- Only when she deserves it.
    8. New Ager- It’s all about The Secret!
    9. Democrat- shit.
    10. Environmentalist- But trees are just such good huggers.


    11. Effeminate Men- Just because I have good hygiene and use ‘product’ in my hair, don’t judge me!
    12. Gov’t Recipient- If they are just going to give it to me….
    13. Thief- I once managed to get 3 gumballs out of the Dime machine in one turn. I just thought I had the ‘magic touch’
    14. Gambler- It’s how I roll
    15. …

    Man, I can’t go on. It’s as if I’m just adding rungs on my ladder down.

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