Why I “blog”…


When I first sent my brother an email about my blog his response was:

” if I wanted to know when you were going to blog about blogging, maybe I would just read your blog”

In the last month or two, I’ve had some time to process why I may continue to post on this public forum for others to read. Thus far I have concluded that there are two types of categories that I will create: Content and Context. Here is a little bit on each


  • These are thoughts and ideas that I think are interesting, valuable or deserve discussion. 
  • The medium of this is not a written sermon or soap box rant as much as it is the initiation of a conversation with readers who find this content engaging. 
  • Although I did not set off to pursue the depths of personal introspection, I have noticed that while writing/blogging I am able to sort out my own thoughts and beliefs much more throughly. 
  • Some examples of this may be my thoughts on church, life or thoughts?!?


  • There are many posts that are trivial in nature but I think will give some context to the reader about who and I and what I experience
  • It is many of these experiences that lead to the ideas that are within the content category or are a direct result of what I have concluded in belief. 
  • My assumption is that understanding my context will help in understanding my ideas and where I am coming from as far as my motive for sharing them. 
  • Some examples may be pix of family, stories of me trying to walk up big hills, or what I ate for lunch. 
I consider this whole thing, very much an experiment and we will see how it (de)evolves. Similar to my tattoos, I think it will be valuable to make my testimony public so that God can be glorified in my weaknesses. Similiar to most of my tattoos, I’ll probably be looking back at these posts in 10 years and say ” I can’t believe I wrote/thought that.” PTL our merit is not based upon our own performance. So I invite you to join this epic journey with me….or maybe it’s more of a cultural fad.
One Final Note
I don’t know or care much about blog etiquette or whatever but I will say this. Being as this is a contextual conversation, it is very helpful to have it not be a one sided conversation. I am writing these

 things to learn and grow and hearing and positive, negative, or even neutral responses are valuable. If this blog becomes boring and is simply used for people to google images in tattoo searches than I will simply end it…BUT if you fin
d yourself reading it and you DO have a response…any response…i would say this….TYPE IT OUT. One sentence, three words. “I like that”, “I hate that”, post anonymously or give everyone your name so we know who else God is changing. 

13 thoughts

  1. I’m not sure how I found this site but I think I’m going to like it. Now, only if I can understand how to work it. What are you… baptist?


  2. this site is just what i wanted as i think and pray about what, when and if i get a tatoo!

    Thank you for being vulnerable, and open to us. Thank you for Praising the Lord and pointing your successes and refining to HIm! Blessing Brother.

    1. There’s also a Facebook group called “Marked for Life” that is for Christians with tattoos. Somehow I ended up as its administrator. Anyway, you might want to stop by.

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