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My Neighbor
My Neighbor

Allright, So I’m 7/9ths through explaining my tattoos. When and why I got them and what I think about them now.  I’ve got some responses already but what I want from YOU is this. If YOU have a tattoo:


1. take a picture of it and email it to me along with the following info

2. Why you got it and what you think about it now.

3. Your rating on your regret-ability scale 

4. The following would be nice but are less important. 

Location On Body: 

Shop Location: 

How Long It Took: 

So two final things to say. I know some of you are thinking, I can’t wait to see what other people post so I can laugh about how ridiculous they look, but this post will not work unless YOU take action RIGHT NOW. I don’t care how normal it is or how awesome it is or isn’t YOU MUST PARTICIPATE!!!

and then there’s a whole other group of you that are thinking either I’m to cool for tattoos or I’m not cool enough for tattoos. This is your opportunity to let us know about your experiences as a non tattooed person and if you have any regret about this. Maybe, what you would want tattooed if you did get one.  NO! not that you like tattoos but someone is holding a gun to your head and saying I’ll shoot you unless you get this: what would it be and where.  

I will post the responses when I am done posting my own experiences but until then you can email the photo and story to: 

People I would especially like to hear from:

  • Stephanie D. 
  • Jeff G. 
  • Jeremy P.
  • Lee G. 
  • John H.
  • Grace J. (the gecko)
  • Minh S.
  • My mother-in-law
In case this post looks familiar it is because I am going to keep on posting it until I get three responses to post.

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