Tattoo Number 5 – Triquetra/Celtic knot/trinity symbol


Location On Body: Upper back (right below my neck)

Shop Location: Some place off of Aurora in Seattle

How Long It Took: about 1 hour            

My brother
My Brother

I got this tattoo pretty soon before my wedding. My brother and I went to the shop together and got matching ones together. As far as the design is concerned my brother was supposed to do that but here’s the thing about artists: the good ones quite often are best at completing deadlines 3-5 days after the deadline. The problem with that, when it comes to tattoos is that the ink has already set. So with this very last minute design (at least when it comes to the color) off we went to get matching tattoos. The symbol of the triquetra has meant a number of things historically, one represents the trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I wish I could say that I had some deep meaning for getting it that involves that but that would be too far of a stretch although that is probably the closest thing that I did have to a reason…at least for this particular design. I’m pretty sure my exact words to my brother were: “I don’t care you design it.” No as far as the actual tattoo itself I feel like this is the worst one that I have. I tried photoshop and all of iphoto’s stock editing settings and try as I might I could not make this thing look good. The way the guy did the coloring looks all blotchy to me and bugs me to this day. For that reason, I have thought about re-designing the interior of the outline with a darker color so that it doesn’t look like crap. This would still maintain the original intent while hopefully looking like art at the same time….but until then:

Regret-ability Scale: 5 out of 10

ps. I almost forgot to mention that about a year ago my sister got this same

My Sister
My Sister

tattoo with a slightly different design.  The location of upper back is the same.


4 thoughts

  1. I like this tattoo. I want to get my 5th tattoo in that area of my body as well, except a little higher on the neck by my hair line.

  2. I like that design. In fact, I like it so much I have it on my shoulder blade. (But, unlike yours, mine looks good)…

  3. Hi there. I am a student and I made a tattoo design for my Computer Graphic Arts class and part of the project is photoshopping it onto a body. I was wondering if you would give me permission to use the picture of your back (the top pic there) and photoshop my tattoo onto it. It will be just for school and no one else will see it. I can even send you a copy if you want and if you like it feel free to get it. So if you could let me know, that would be fantastic.


    Peter Chagnon

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