Tattoo Number 4 – Hebrew


Location On Body: Right ankle band

Shop Location: Santa Ana, CA

How Long It Took: 1 hour

This was my first tattoo at Sid’s in OC. The words in hebrew mean house of God. It is the phrase that is used in the Old Testament that refers to the tabernacle and in the New Testament that refers to the body. There’s two main things that I was going through at this point. One is the idea of merging as opposed to divorcing the old and new testaments. This is one of the first times in my life that I started to realize that the two were not only connected but saying the same thing. The second is in trying to come to grips with what it means that our body is the temple of God and what it means to be a good


 steward of that. As far as the design, I had some hebrew student from a bible college give it to me because evidently he was planning on getting the same thing. When he gave it to me though the two words were on top of  each other and the tattoo artist thought that one of the vowel points went on the top of the second word instead of the bottom of the first. This was easily covered up by extending one of the points on the letters though.


This is Rob. The guy who tattooed me.
This is Rob. The guy who tattooed me.

This tattoo has provided quite a bit of conversation. People ask if I am into music or if I am Jewish. I’m never really quite sure how to answer the second especially to a Jew. I always feel like they feel like I’m ripping off or taking advantage of their text in a way that it was never intended too. Last year at our fourth of July BBQ our Jewish neighbor told me how to pronounce the words on my leg. That was kind of cool. The only thing is that the word for God that is tattooed they believe you are not allowed to say so she told me that it says Adonai instead of YAHWEH.  Because I still have a pretty strong conviction about the reasons I got this tattoo and because hebrew is baddass looking I am rating this:


Regret-ability Scale: 2 out of 10


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