Date with Dove – a lesson in blogging


Dove Blogging
Dove Blogging

So Dove and I went on a date tonight. I could tell you about it but I think she’d do a better job. You can read about it on HER BLOG!

So these are a list of some of the things that Dove learned through blogging:

  • How to handle and use a digital camera
  • How to take pictures
  • How to connect the camera to computer and upload digital pictures to iphoto
  • How to delete, sort, filter and edit pictures for future use
  • How to navigate to
  • How to create a post and upload images. 
  • How to generate content using basic word processing skills
  • How to type
  • How to use spellchecker. she figured this one out when she asked what all the red dots under her words were. She still has a little bit of work for this one.
Dove will be spending time blogging daily, as part of her lessons in writing, technology, and communication. So, feel free to logon and send her a comment or respond to one of her posts. 

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