Tattoo Number 3 – Cross and Dove


Location On Body: Right Calf

Shop Location: Sids in Santa Ana, CA

How Long It Took: 2 hours?

So this was my first real stab at a big tattoo. By big, I mean that it iwent beyond the typical ankle rookie area and is a bigger than 3 inches. I remember showing it to my best friend in high-school’s mom and her only reaction is “That is too big.” There were a couple of things I was thinking when I got this and also quite a few things that I wasn’t thinking. The first is MORE TATTOOS! The second thing I was thinking revolved around crosses and doves. Why crosses and doves? At the time the verse or theme that I was obsessing about was John 15:13 Which says “Greater love has no one than this than he who laid down his

My Original Art
My Original Art

 life for his friends.” Friendship and commitment has always been a huge theme of mine and when I came across this verse combined with my other theme of MORE TATTOOS it was a match made in heaven…or somewhere. The cross and the dove represent ways that God has “given his life” for us. The first through his death and the second through the Holy Spirit. At this time, I had absolutely NO understanding whatsoever about what it meant to interact or have the Holy Spirit but I did seem to understand that such a thing existed. The art for the dove was taken from one of my favorite hardcore band’s (at the time) logo. It’s kind of a dove with a smoky trail coming from each of it’s wings that all intertwine to a point (the band is unashamed). The art for the cross… hmmm…uhhhh. Well the cartoon thing looked punk rock in high-school. I’m not really sure what else to tell you besides the fact that if there is a tattooing age of accountability I hope this tattoo fell before mine. 


Regret-ability Scale: 8.5 out of 10



ps.  In August of 97 while drawing this art or this tattooI was the car with two girls and I said “Dove, that would be a cool name for a girl.” A girl named Kami said “that would be cool.” It turns out that about 4 years later we were married and had made a girl. So we named her Dove. Who would’ve known?

So as far as naming my daughter dove I am going to rate that on the:


Regret-ability Scale: 0 out of 10


4 thoughts

  1. i am a big fan of the John 15:13 passage, being in the marine corps you see that passage take place daily by TRUE heros. words cannot describe some of the things my fellows marines have sacrificed for freedom, and it hurts but you dont realize it til your back in the states and have to watch a 7 year old kid and wife burry her husband balling just so another marine could come home. i want a john 15:13 tat!!

  2. I remember being in a camp van with you and Kami as you were discussing the name Dove. A bunch of us made it clear that we didn’t like that name. Then, Kami spoke up and explained that she could appreciate your choice. Looks like you two have been on the same page for quite some time. 🙂

    (Please keep in mind that now, I can’t imagine your daughter with any other name. It’s beautiful and it suits her.)

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