Tattoo Number 1 – Fish


As promised here are all of my tattoos. With each picture is the story that goes long with it that usually includes how I selected the art as well as the meaning behind it. I also have on it my regret-ability scale from 1-10. 1 Being “I would get this again tomorrow!” 10 being “What was I thinking?” Keep in mind, this is all in light of my previous post which kind of outlines why I actually do not regret getting any of my tattoos in the big picture. 


Original Drawing
Original Drawing

Location On Body: Left Ankle


Shop Location: Huntington Beach, CA

How Long It Took: about 20 minutes


So, I started off my tattoo career as early as I legally could on July 11th, 1997, my 18th birthday. I remember going to the tattoo parlor with Randy Simbro, one of the interns from our church. He had numerous tattoos so I trusted him to chose the location. There were a couple of things I could tell you about this year. The first is that I had put not one fish but two on my parents mini van. The second is that I sold “christian t-shirts.” Ouch. What this tattoo reminds

 me of: high-school, legalism, and thinking that evangelism was exposing people to a logo or t-shirt. As far as the tattoo itself this fish design was no accident….and yet it wasn’t super intentional either. I do remember drawing out about 20 fish and then choosing one of those designs and then drawing about 10 of that design until I found the one that I wanted. I think it cost about $40 (which was the shop minimum) and took about.  I remember the sign at the cashier which said “Cheap tattoos aren’t good, and good tattoos aren’t cheap.”

All in all the design is ok but the content and original intent makes me shiver. For that reason I am rating this 

Regret-ability Scale: 8 out of 10


8 thoughts

  1. i remember when you got that tattoo…i think it was right before you dyed my hair w/tiger stripes, making my mom cry!

  2. What I remember about that day: July 11th, 7-11. So 7-11 had 25 cent slurpees. They were right next door to the tattoo parlor. Ben gets inked up, I got a cheap slurpee.

  3. Hey, I like that design, and I was thinking about getting one like it and I noticed you said you made a few designs. So, if it’s alright with you, could you send me them please?

  4. Hi, I really like the tattoo design. Hope you don’t mind if I use the design to print it on tee shirts. Is it okay with you?

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