Quasi Restaurant Vegetarianism

So i’ve had some new thoughts and i thought i’d post them. I am going to become a quasi restaurant vegetarian. Here are my reasons in no particular order:
1. In general i think i eat more meat than is “healthy” or definitely necessary
2. From my brief studies it doesn’t seem like the environmental impact of “harvesting” meat is that great
3. I only plan on taking it away from menu items where i think that the taste impact will be negligible or non-existent. For example i wouldn’t go to outback steakhouse and order a salad. but in this case in particular i have decided that i can just as easily go without the pepperoni on a pizza and not miss anything. i have also discovered that at olive garden i do not miss the chicken on a fettucini alfredo.
4. The cost of adding meat is almost always greater than omitting it. In many cases i noticed that i buy because it is the default mindset not because i think it is worth the extra value or because i enjoy it that much.

I am not sure how much of an impact this will have on my overall lifestyle. it could be alot it might not me much at all. either way it’s cool to be “green” now so it’s a win win.


4 thoughts

  1. Good luck with this Ben!! I couldn’t do it, but if we have dinner together soon, I’ll support your non-meat eating. Ryan may make fun of you for this though 🙂

  2. Bridget and her side of the family have gone almost full fledged vegan. I don’t participate when I’m not at home, but I am finding meat to be less and less appetizing as time progresses.

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