Week 2 – The Fall

In week two of the course we covered a topic that I have only really discussed in academic or theological settings as opposed to practical life application settings. In light of this course, though, it makes sense why, in order for someone to truly grasp who Jesus is or even who they are, they must have a firm grasp on the Fall did in fact happen AND what it is.

I think one of the first things that hit me this week was that God did not plan or intend the fall. Whatever viewpoint of God’s sovereignty or omnicience that you have this is and can not be a possibility. It is different to say that God knew the fall was going to happen but his plan for the human race was one of love and was expressed in the beautiful design found in creation.


the Fall was in fact probably the greatest tradegy that has occured in all of human history. The direction that we were heading and the resources and blessing that we were given were the greatest gift that any human could ask for. When it was stated in Gen 3 that man would NOT have eternal life because of adam not trusting in God, adam was devestated. in a sense, we should feel this same amount of devestation. in this same chapter it is promised that there will be one who will come and crush the serpents head. this became the israelites obsession. one moment they were living in a garden and the next they were cast out with the curse of work, the curse of pain in childbearing, and first and foremost the curse of death. the only promise that they were given is that someday there will come One who will redeem and save. this sense of need and this longing for a messiah is the context that the israelites lived in day to day.

so what does this mean for me/us?

I’m starting to realize that while i have heard about the fall and know ABOUT it i have never really believed it or associated myself with it. in order to fully inderstand my need for Christ i must first have some sort of idea not onllly for my own personal depravity and fallenness but the need for the entire human race, the line from which i have come. It is in this context that the gospel of Jesus actually becomes the good news and Jesus become an actual savior to save a fallen person and people group instead of a santa figure that brings good gifts to good people.


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