The Story-Formed Life

…is a 9 week discipleship training program. The format of it was created by my brother-in-law jeremy. This was the main reason why our family decided to come out to ky for 9 weeks.

There are 2 main reasons why i think this class is important for me.

the first is that i would like to see my life changed and be a stronger, better, closer, disciple of christ. in preliminary discussion about this class with jeremy it sounded like quite a few people’s lives were being changed so this is the first thing that put the class on my radar.

the second reason why i feel this class is important is because i am thinking about replicating it, or something like it, in seattle. i have long been interested in church planting in seattle but always been hesitant beause of calling or confidence issues. the focus on this class is much more geared towards training, teaching, and equipping which is what i enjoy and feel like i was made to do and in some ways, am already doing. i do not have any idea what this will look like and don’t really care yet. i have already been in talks with mike sabrucko (the associate pastor at our church) about partnering with him to disciple some men at the church and i’m sure the next 9 weeks will have a direct impact upon that but i think it will be much bigger. in order to prepare for replicating some of these ideas in seattle i will be going into this class observing and taking notes on the format, technique, and content. i will also be meeting with jeremy on a weekly basis to discuss the class both in terms of it’s personal affect one me and the methodology of replicating it.

I think one of the first things i realized is that these two things may not always be compatible. often times focusing on the presentation only distracts from the whole point of the content and vice versa. i’m going to do the best i can but hope to prioritize the personal growth that needs to take place.

in reading this blog i hope some of you will see your place in partnering with me/us in learning/teaching the story-formed life.

These are the 9 weeks
The Fall
The Gospel
The Holy Spirit
Disciplined Life
The Church
The Kingdom


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